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Helpful Holidays bats for Cornwall


Our Katie turns her attention from holiday homes for humans to abodes for city bats...

No sooner had Katie, our Cornwall-based Property Manager and friend to Cornish wildlife, scrubbed down following the Big Fal River Litter Pick, than she was hot-footing it up a ladder to construct a batty village.  

Undeterred by a torrential downpour, Katie and 61 children from Archbishop Benson Primary School headed to Daubuz Moor near Truro on Friday 12th May. Seven new bat boxes were installed along the riverbank and in the meadows, and the children, who sponsored one of the bat bungalows, met a real live celebrity bat brought along by The Cornwall Bat Conservation Group. 

Daubuz Moor was gifted to Truro City and now forms an 18 acre wildlife reserve which, despite being just a few hundred yards from the city centre, is a great place to wander beside the River Allen.

And why we do the bats need our help? There are 17 bat species in the UK, 12 of which breed in Cornwall, but many have declined in numbers due to development that affects roosts or features like hedges which provide routes between roosts and feeding areas. Bats are protected by law in the UK, and a rather damp Katie was pleased to do her bit to help askel grohen (literally 'leather wings' in Cornish).

[Main image: Bill Tyne]

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