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Ask the Experts: Are bunk beds or truckle beds best for a small bedroom?

Ask the experts…

Q. Do you recommend bunk beds for a small bedroom or a single bed with pull-out truckle bed below?

A. The Helpful Holidays team say:

If space allows, we recommend a truckle bed rather than bunks. Bunk beds have limited appeal, especially to those over the age of 14. A truckle bed is a useful space-saving option. It comes with wheels so can easily be rolled in or out as required, and is available with extending legs which make it the same height as your standard single.

If you do choose a truckle bed for the single room, make sure there’s enough space to get into both beds from the side, rather than opening the door into a room full of bed with no standing space. If the room is really tiny, then maintaining it as a single is preferable; guests prefer generous space rather than feeling shoehorned.