Travel Insurance

Applicable for bookings made on or after 01-11-2017. For bookings made prior to this date please log in to view your policy information.

To help with peace of mind on your holiday you may purchase travel insurance. We are a provider of travel insurance and this can easily be added to your booking.

For full insurance details for holidays to the UK and Ireland refer to the Policy Wording.


You must be able to comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of your policy.

If you do not comply we may refuse to deal with any relevant claim or reduce the amount of any relevant claim payment.

If you are travelling within the United Kingdom

You are not required to declare your medical conditions. However, to be covered for any medical conditions you have or have had, you must be able to answer NO to questions 1. to 4. and YES to questions 5. and 6. a) and b) below:

  1. Are you aware of any reason why the trip could be cancelled or cut short (such as the health of a close relative)
  2. Are you travelling:
    • a) against the advice of a medical practitioner, or
    • b) for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.
  3. Have you been given a terminal prognosis.
  4. Are you receiving or awaiting treatment for any bodily injury, illness or disease as a hospital day case or in-patient.
  5. If you are on prescribed medication, are your medical condition(s) stable and well controlled.
  6. If you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental or nervous disorder, have you received written confirmation (at your cost) that you are fit enough to take this trip by either:
    • a) a registered mental health professional (if you are under the care of a Community Mental Health Team), or
    • b) a consultant specialising in the relevant field.

If you are travelling outside of the United Kingdom

You must telephone the Towergate Medical Line on 0344 892 1698 if anyone to be covered by this policy, or any person upon whose health the trip depends:

  1. Has or has had a medical condition (excluding childhood and minor ailments not requiring treatment).
  2. Is taking prescribed medication.
  3. Has or has had any medical condition still requiring periodic review.
  4. Is awaiting any tests, treatment, investigation, referral or the results of these.

The Towergate Medical Line office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.

PLEASE NOTE - You must also notify the Towergate Medical Line immediately of any changes in medical circumstances arising between the date the policy is issued and the time of departure for the trip. You may have to pay an additional premium to cover your medical conditions. This applies to all destinations including trips solely within the United Kingdom (being defined asEngland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isles of Scilly).

Travel Insurance Cancellation Terms

If, after reading the policy, this Insurance does not meet with your requirements, please return it to Helpful Holidays within fourteen days of issue and prior to the commencement of your holiday. If you have paid a Premium and have not made a claim, this will then be refunded in full.

Helpful Holidays Limited is an appointed representative of ITC Compliance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (their registration number is 313486) and which is permitted to advise on and arrange general insurance contracts.