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Owner Advice

Owner Advice

Welcome to the Helpful Holidays’ Owner Advice section of our blog. Whether you are considering letting, or already own a holiday cottage, there are lots of things to think about to maximise your return on investment.
Helpful Holidays began 37 years ago, and as such, our team have a huge amount of experience in holiday cottages across the South West. Our team know a thing or two about helping you get the most from your holiday property so we’d like to share this with you in the form of information, tips and advice.

We take the hassle out of holiday letting so you can reap the rewards. Let us share some useful information so that you can ensure your journey in holiday letting is profitable and most of all, enjoyable.

So sit back, enjoy the ride and the words along the way.

Let your property with Helpful Holidays.

17th January 2022

Health and safety regulations for holiday lets

As a holiday let owner you have a duty of care to your guests. That means you’re legally obliged...

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14th January 2022

Get Your Holiday Property Ready for Spring

As we emerge from the Christmas holidays and start a new year it is important to look ahead and...

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12th January 2022

Bank Accounts for Holiday Homes

New to holiday letting or looking to buy a holiday home in the West Country? We understand that holiday...

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Owner Advice Buying beds
6 days ago

Buying Beds for Holiday Homes

New to holiday letting or looking to update your holiday home? We understand that both scenarios can evoke a...

Owner Advice Holiday Letting Event
1 month ago

Helpful Holidays Guide to Holiday Letting

Join us for an informative evening where we will delve into the holiday letting industry, using our first-land local...

Owner Advice Holiday home mortgage advice
1 month ago

Holiday home mortgage advice with Chris Towell

Do you dream of owning your own holiday home?  Are you considering purchasing a holiday home? Understanding the mortgage...

Owner Advice Winter view on Dartmoor
1 month ago

How to stop pipes from freezing this Winter

Water ingress or leaks are a real danger to any holiday let and can cause a headache for holiday...

Owner Advice Holiday Home Council Tax
1 month ago

Holiday home council tax | Owner advice

Owning a holiday property, whether it’s your second home or you run it as a holiday let business, will...