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Buying beds

New to holiday letting or looking to update your holiday home? We understand that both scenarios can evoke a lot of questions, including queries about buying beds.

Our property experts are on hand every step of the way. Here are some frequently asked questions about furnishing bedrooms.

Buying Beds for a Holiday Home

Use the quick links below to read about a particular topic or continue reading for our FAQs on furnishing holiday home bedrooms.

Q. What type of beds are best for holiday homes?

zip-link beds

Have you considered zip-linkable beds? Zip-link beds give the most flexibility and make your holiday home equally suitable for families or couples. Two 3ft twin beds can be zipped together to provide a large double when required.

You would need to have both super king and single duvets as well as linen and mattress protectors to cover both options. We ask customers to specify their requirements before their holiday, so that the bedrooms can be appropriately prepared. Not only do zip-link beds provide the most flexibility. But, they can also help increase your bookings as your holiday home appeals to a variety of party sizes and requirements.

If you decide not to opt for the zip-link beds, we still recommend purchasing a bed wider than the standard 4ft 6in double for the master bedroom (if the bedroom dimensions allow).

Nowadays, many holidaymakers are used to a 5ft bed (or wider) at home and can be deterred by a smaller size. Unusual designs, such as four-posters, can be a novel attraction if appropriate for the style of your holiday home.

Whatever beds you opt for, we recommend buying good quality, new mattresses of moderate firmness that will remain sound and comfortable for several seasons.

Q. How often do you replace beds in a holiday home?

On average, you should expect to renew beds around every four to five years in a popular property.

If you are worried about the expenses incurred when buying beds or furniture, remember the costs can be deducted as an allowable expense if your holiday home qualifies as a furnished holiday let. Read our blog ‘holiday homes, tax and all things in between’ to find out more.

Q. Would you recommend headboards and footboards?

We always advise holiday home owners to buy headboards. Not only are they an effective way of personalising a room but they protect the wall from marks. Buying beds and headboards goes hand in hand.

Footboards are an upright panel situated at the foot of the bed. We wouldn’t recommend footboards in your holiday home as they limit legroom for tall guests.

Q. What furniture is essential in bedrooms?

bedroom with wardrobe storage

Beds and mattresses

Comfortable beds with high quality mattresses are one of the most important factors of your holiday home.  Ensuring your guest’s enjoy a good night’s sleep is imperative.

We recommend a medium-firm mattress to offer support as well as maximum comfort.

High quality bed linen

Crisp, good quality bed linen is key. We recommend purchasing pure cotton bed linen in a neutral colour for a touch of luxury. Where possible, white linen is practical as you can bleach items that get stained.

You should ideally have three sets of bed linen. So, whilst one is in use, one is being laundered and the other is ready for the housekeepers’ doing changeovers.

Bedding, pillows and mattress protectors

A good night’s sleep ensures guests awake refreshed and ready for their holiday. Soft comfortable pillows and duvets are essential.

During the Winter months we recommend providing extra blankets and throws that guests can use during their stay.

Mattress protectors and toppers are a must. They can be easily laundered or replaced, protecting beds, and making it a breeze to keep them clean and fresh.

Bedside table and lamp

We recommend including a bedside table on either side of the bed for guests to store small items like a reading book and mobile phone.

A bedside lamp offers a warm and cosy atmosphere when the main light is turned off, somewhere guests can relax and read a book.

Cupboards and drawers

Ensure guests have enough space to unpack their suitcase and store clothing. Offering a chest of drawers and ample space for hanging clothes offers a home-from-home experience.

Q. What are the optimum number of bedrooms for a holiday home?

One bedroom holiday home - helpful holidays

This may come as a surprise but there is no optimum number of bedrooms. Your space must be flexible, well presented and well equipped for your holiday home to be successful.

According to Sykes Staycation Index 2021 couples make up 41% of the staycation bookings so having just one bedroom is enough.

For those with larger properties reducing the number of bedrooms isn’t a priority. Couples or smaller groups still choose to book large holiday homes, with many looking for something a bit more luxurious or a holiday let with more space like a larger living area.

Top tips for furnishing a holiday home bedroom

Every bedroom should be a haven, a place where guests can retreat and wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here at Helpful Holidays, we have over 40 years’ experience working with holiday home owners letting self catering properties to guests. We have learnt what customers require and what owners can do to provide the best possible guest experience.

Here are a few things to consider when furnishing a bedroom:

  • Bedrooms should have carpeted floors or a nice thick rug for a cosy atmosphere.
  • Useful items to include are a hairdryer, alarm clock, mirror, and plenty of coat hangers.
  • If storage space is an issue, opt for a bed with under-bed storage.
  • Provide plenty of plug points including plugs with a USB connection for charging electrical devices.
  • Blackout blinds or thick curtains are a welcome addition for a good’s night sleep.

For more useful tips and advice, head over to our holiday home Owner Advice blog.

Holiday Home Advice

Holiday home advice - buying beds

Our team of holiday letting experts are always on-hand to offer advice about buying beds, furnishing a holiday let and any other queries you may have.

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