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Ask the Experts: How do I buy curtains to suit all my guests?

Ask the experts…

Q. Can you provide guidance on curtains to suit all types of holidaymakers?

A. The Helpful Holidays team say:

All curtains should be substantial, lined and fully closeable, and designed to retain warmth in the winter. Even if your holiday home is remote without close neighbours, don’t assume it will be alright not to have curtains or blinds in a room; guests who arrive after dark and are unfamiliar with the surroundings or who are used to maintaining their privacy may feel uncomfortable.

Ensuring your curtains are opaque is important. The idea of sunlight streaming through curtains in the morning may be some people’s idea of heaven, but drives others mad, especially if they’re used to thick curtains at home, and can mean difficulty in settling small children and dawn awakenings for parents. If you have lightweight bedroom curtains, consider fitting a roller or Venetian blind as well. Roof windows, such as Velux, should have blackout blinds.