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Ask the Experts: How do I maintain the garden at my holiday cottage without disturbing guests?

Ask the experts…

Q. How can we schedule the gardener’s visits to avoid disturbing guests at our holiday home?  

A. The Helpful Holidays team say: 

A garden or patio in a sunny spot is a great attraction for holidaymakers, but will need regular maintenance. With a small garden, your gardener should cut the grass between bookings on the changeover day. If that isn’t possible due to the size of the garden, you’ll need to organise the mowing at times when guests are least likely to be using the garden (although obviously not too early in the morning if the work is noisy).

Guests should be kept clearly informed of when the gardener will arrive, either by discussing it with them in advance or by clarifying it in your house welcome folder; you’ll also need to warn them that times may vary unavoidably due to the weather.  As well as the usual tasks, you should ask your gardener to check between lets for damage to fences and dangerous debris, like broken glass, and to ensure that all equipment is stowed securely.