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Are you thinking of investing in another holiday property?

Talk of borrowing tends to put people off but, did you know there could be a way of doing it without breaking the bank!?

The lending criteria for holiday let mortgages is different to traditional or buy-to-let mortgages and there are fewer lenders in the UK holiday let market. It is imperative to understand the criteria you have to meet in order to get a mortgage.

There are many ways to fund an investment property, from remortgaging an existing property to releasing equity but every situation is different. That’s why it is important to find a way of investment that suits you.

An easy-to-use online platform

Holiday Cottage Mortgages (HCM) are a unique and specialist online mortgage broker who were created specifically to help existing and new holiday let property owners secure affordable mortgage finance on their holiday homes. HCM brings together knowledge of the holiday letting industry with technical and professional mortgage broking, all delivered through an intuitive, easy to use “fee free” online platform.


Make sure the risks match the rewards

We would always recommend seeking the advice of more than one independent financial advisor to make sure the risks are weighed against the potential rewards.

Working alongside the team at Helpful Holidays, HCM helps customers realise their holiday letting potential. To find out more, or to explore what you might be able to borrow with HCM’s affordability calculator, then speak to your advisor or visit Holiday Cottage Mortgages.