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Ask the Experts: What’s the best way to ensure guests park considerately at my holiday home?

Ask the experts…

Q. Our holiday let is in a terrace in a small village. We’ve had problems with our visitors blocking a neighbour’s allocated space. How do you suggest we tell our guests where to park without seeming unwelcoming? Should we warn them in advance or wait until they arrive?

A. The Helpful Holidays team say:

We always recommend that an allocated parking space is clearly signposted as bookers arriving for the first time will be unfamiliar with the location and struggling to find the parking space after a long journey is frustrating. If possible, consider lighting the sign too for those who arrive in the dark.

We suggest that you do inform your visitors as clearly as possible before they arrive. Within detailed directions which Helpful Holidays sends to customers up to six weeks before their holiday, we explain any specific parking arrangements, such as a request to park considerately as neighbours require access. We also make holidaymakers aware in advance if there’s anything else we think it helpful for them to know, for example if the parking space is limited in size or some manoeuvring is required to access it, and holidaymakers can always chat to a member of our team who has visited a property if they have concerns.

If the parking space is difficult to access or only suitable for small vehicles, it’s helpful to provide your guests in advance with directions to alternative parking, with details of any costs, and perhaps consider providing a parking permit for a nearby public car park, if appropriate, which can be a thoughtful touch.