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Pebbles of Salcombe, the property management experts, explain how an effective service gives a sense of luxury and security to holiday home ownership…

Pebbles of Salcombe offer management, maintenance and refurbishment of properties across the South Hams, including many in the Helpful Holidays portfolio. Here they share their insight into the advantages of an effective property management service:

How to choose the right property management company

When you’re choosing the key team for your holiday home – your letting agent and your property management provider – the real giveaway to the quality of service each offers is in the tenure of their client relationships.

Beyond the excellent service by your letting agent, your five star holiday home will be set apart by a reliable property management team, caring for your guests and providing you with an exceptional service. It’s paramount to ensure repeat bookings, relieve you of the challenges of running a holiday home, and achieve your desired profit margins. Even if you live a long way from your holiday home, with the right property management team you can ensure your property is both presented as you would like when guests arrive and well cared for when they leave.

A proven record of strong relationships

Since it was established in 2004, property management company Pebbles has honed its offering and developed its capabilities to provide a unique, skilled and complete property management service catering to luxury 3+ bedroom properties in South Devon and East Cornwall.

Kitchen in Holiday Home

Yet while we can wax lyrical about the service – the emergency call-outs 24/7, the detailed inventories, the sought-after staff training programme, it is quite simply the average tenure of client relationships with Pebbles that is most telling about the quality of its service.

Whilst most holiday home owners remain with their management service for around 2½ years across the industry, Pebbles’ average client relationship has been held for seven years. Those who have left have predominantly done so because they have sold their properties or turned them into primary residences, and many of the Pebbles properties have been with the company for 10 years or more, such as The Wood and Underbecks – two beautiful detached houses looking over South Sands bay, with the most sensational views along the estuary.

What makes the service different?

The obvious question, therefore, is why do Pebbles’ clients remain with Pebbles? Pebbles is a family business at its heart and, while it has grown over the years, the values of caring for both staff and clients remain true – there is a heavy emphasis on attention to detail and a personalised service.

Blue Decor Kitchen in Holiday Home

Trust is a significant factor in successful relationships between property owners and property management providers, and a vital part of that is a good flow of communication. Not only does Pebbles send an SMS to home owners after each property check or call-out, but they have recently invested in a customised Property Dashboard which allows home owners to be updated in real time about checks, gardening visits or scheduled maintenance.

The breadth of service at Pebbles is another reason for their customer appeal. While they don’t try to be all things to all people, their property care offering is complete. Property Management and maintenance service facets include housekeeping, laundry, window cleaning, regular inventories, a 24-hour emergency call-out service and weekly or fortnightly property checks (even when empty), as well as extra details such as a meet and greet service for guests and luxury hampers on arrival. Pebbles also has an in-house refurbishment team and a landscaping team for setting up a holiday home, with an in-house team of technicians and a network of partner specialists.

Lounge Area in Holiday Home with Balcony

That said, they still believe in the power of a good old fashioned phone call and allocate you a dedicated Manager who will be your first point of call and is always available for a friendly chat.

Adding value

We find from property owners and guests alike that the addition of a proactive property management company to the holiday home experience gives a sense of security and luxury. You can be safe in the knowledge that your home is being looked after, while guests experience a hotel standard introduction to your home and an easy point of call should anything happen (like a lost set of keys), leading to repeat bookings and even more positive property reviews. The result is a better holiday home for your guests, higher revenues and better managed costs.


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