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Are You Ready for Spring?

As we emerge from the new year it is important to look ahead to spring and start to get your holiday property ready for your next guests. Our guest blog writer Andrew Exelby, Commercial Development Manager for Helpful Holidays outlines some key points to help make sure you and your holiday cottage are ready for spring.

Lighter mornings and slightly warmer temperatures mean only one thing – winter is receding! Read our top five tips to be spring-ready this year.

1. The Big (or Little) Outdoors

Your property’s outside space is key to attracting guests in spring and summer seasons. As the winter weather warms into spring, most people’s minds move to spending more time outdoors and that obviously includes while on holiday in the South West.

Green fingered owners can’t wait to get back in their gardens and spruce it back up after the cold weather has taken its toll, and while every effort should be made to reinvigorate your lawn and flower beds, don’t neglect to tend to walkways and paths that might have become slippery through the winter. Take this opportunity also to check outside lighting is all working.

Furniture for your garden, terrace or patio has hopefully been secured away during the worst weather, reducing the risk of any damage and thereby saving you time and expense in repairs or replacement of chairs, etc. Now is your chance to dig it all back out and check it thoroughly for any obvious issues. Wooden furniture is extremely susceptible to swelling and eventually rot if it is not regularly treated and protected, while metal sets will need to be rubbed back and re-painted over time.


2. Painting and Decorating

Ahead of your new season is an opportune time to get rooms redecorated – your property will likely have suffered some wear and tear through winter, but don’t panic, take it a room at a time! Try to avoid ‘touching up’ spots, as this can often make the walls and ceilings look worse in certain lights – it is far better practice to complete a room consistently.

Rain and cold weather can cause stains on a building’s external walls, especially on rendered walls. Remember, your guests will see this well before they see your immaculate interiors, so it is advisable to clean walls and re-paint if necessary. Always prepare surfaces before re-painting or all of your hard work will be in vain and the finish is likely to disappoint.

3. Soft Furnishings Refreshed

Your autumn and winter guests have likely enjoyed more time indoors than those who visit in spring and summer. Any trips out might have resulted in muddy boots or wet clothes, so while guests will do their best not to damage soft furnishings, a higher level of wear and tear on carpets and sofas is to be expected and can be quickly and easily sorted all being well.

Steam cleaning soft furnishings is a fantastic way of breathing new life into items that you might otherwise assume need replacing. Of course, steam cleaning won’t rescue everything, but it works fantastically on most stains in carpets, curtains, cushions or throws and can be a cost-effective way of eradicating any odours.

4. Chimney Checks

If your holiday home has a real fire or a woodburner, arrange for a chimney sweep to visit following the colder season. Your appliance or fireplace will have been used fairly frequently over winter and this will obviously mean your chimney has sooty deposits as a result. Current guidance from HETAS is for chimneys to be swept twice a year; once before the winter, and once after ideally.

Regular maintenance of your flue helps keep an eye on the state of your chimney and will clear any potential blockages – these can be lethal as poisonous gases will build up and eventually escape. With safety at the forefront, your chimney sweep will likely test your carbon monoxide alarms, but please remember checking these should form part of your housekeeper’s routine on changeover and spare batteries should always be available for smoke detectors.

5. New Season, New Look

Having endured a busy season, some of your furnishings might have reached natural ends to their useful lives. This can be an exciting opportunity to revamp rooms or the offering as a whole; and need not be a complete overhaul at huge expense.

Replacing smaller, more affordable items annually, such as throws, rugs and cushions, will mean that you can stay current and on-trend with regard to colour schemes. This reflects well in the marketing of your property as it looks more appealing – don’t forget to tell us about changes you make so that we can see if we need to take new photographs!

If you are considering the addition of something larger, perhaps a hot tub, then you absolutely will need new photographs and to speak to us about the impact this will have on your property’s pricing. Likewise, upgrading living room or bedroom furniture will require more photos and depending on the exact upgrades made might impact your rating and the prices we feel you can expect. If you are keen to make changes, but you are unsure where to focus or start – give us a call and we can offer advice! 

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