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Ask the Experts: Do you recommend carpet or hard-wearing wood or laminate for living room floors?

Ask the experts…

Q. Do you recommend carpet for the living room of a holiday let, or is it sensible to go for hard-wearing wood or laminate?

A. The Helpful Holidays team say:

Generally, we recommend floor coverings should be comfy and warm: plain if you’re choosing carpet, which should be hardwearing, easily cleaned and ScotchGuarded; well insulated if you opt for tiles or polished/painted wood. Scatter rugs protect areas with excessive wear, or ‘soften’ hard flooring, especially beside beds or sofas, but make sure they are securely fixed to the floor and the edges don’t curl; on polished or tiled floors they will need anti-slip mats under them.

Kitchen and bathroom floors should be easily washable. Tiles or high quality vinyl are practical in these areas. Your choice for a living area will be guided by your cottage location and who will be using it. Hard, easily cleanable floors are advisable if you’re accommodating walkers, scratch-resistant if pets are allowed or if floors are used by sandy feet from the beach. Modern floor coverings such as Amtico offer the best of both worlds with a durable, moisture, stain and scratch resistant finish and ‘natural look’ finishes such as marble or timber.