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Nestled along the hillside looking onto the Taw Valley sits 3 unique shepherds huts offering the ultimate 5* experience. Getting reviews such as “This place was absolutely amazing, the hosts were so helpful at short notice and went above and beyond what we would expect.” and “What a lovely place, the views over the valley below with the river, train track, cows and sheep is just perfect.” is every holiday homeowners’ dream. This is a reality for property owners Lisa and Peter who own the stunning Little Silver Owl, Little Silver Leaf and Little Silver Fox who consistently receive outstanding reviews.

Lisa and Peter also are the proud owners of the Little Silver Nugget holiday let. After such a successful experience, they decided to expand their collection to include the 3 Shepherds huts

Discovering the perfect location for the shepherd’s huts

When Peter and Lisa bought their home, the orchard that the shepherd’s huts now sit on was originally covered by brambles and other foliage. Peter and Lisa decided to clear the orchard and start using the land. Firstly they borrowed some pigs for a neighbor to help clear the ground in the most natural way possible. Once the orchard was cleared of brambles and other weeds, they went into the field and discovered they were lucky enough to have the stunning view expand across the orchards. They thought that it was too much of a spectacular view to miss out on and wanted to be able to share it with holidaymakers.

Lisa and Peter decided to get in contact with Kris from Helpful Holidays to discuss their plans. Lisa said “I remember giving Kris a pair of wellies and we walked down to the field with our umbrellas as she looked around the orchard. We love Kris because she is an amazing fountain of knowledge and was happy to give tips and advice before we had even signed on.”

The huts

The shepherds huts are located in different areas around the orchard, overlooking the river. Each of the huts is designed slightly differently to incorporate the views and offer guests their own unique and undisturbed experience for the ultimate romantic relaxation.

What was the design process?

Each of the huts has been perfectly designed for romance and comfort while soaking up the view. The huts are slightly bigger than normal shepherds huts as Lisa and Peter wanted to ensure their guests are comfortable. This also meant they were able to fit in a King-sized bed, private bathroom, chairs, essentials for the kitchen, a log burner and plenty of storage space throughout. All of the huts have been positioned to maximise the view. This has even been managed by the angle the huts are sat at. Each of the huts has a large window sat at the bottom of the bed so guests could sit and enjoy their morning tea or coffee while admiring the view.


Each hut comes with its own outdoor space. In this space, each hut benefits from a seating area, a chiminea and a hot tub. The space around the hut is designed for the guests to feel undisturbed so they can enjoy their romantic getaway.

Putting the huts together

Lisa and Peter spent a lot of time discussing the huts, picking out the perfect decor, arranging the layout and ensuring the huts were made from the best quality materials possible with Ashford Shepherds Huts.

Each hut was delivered one at a time. The first hut to be delivered and put into place took a whopping 10 hours, making sure everything was located securely and in the right angle. Shortly after, the two other huts were up and running.

What guests can expect

Upon arrival, guests will be met by Peter and their buggy for the duration of their stay. The guests will receive a brief on driving the buggy before they follow Peter to their hut.

The amount of care and attention to detail in this property is obvious. From the design and layout of the huts to all the extras that as a guest you receive. Each hut is lucky enough to benefit from its own personal hot tub with stunning views looking out to the river. Upon arrival, guests who are staying for a week receive a hamper that is filled with goodies which includes jam made from fruit in the orchard, cookies, scones or bread which was made fresh in the local village, eggs from their chickens, apple juice made from apples from their orchard, Burt crisps, wine, milk, butter, tea and sugar. They kindly offer this so upon arrival, guests can have something to eat and drink and feel welcomed into the holiday.

It is clear to see that Lisa and Peter have even thought about how they can enhance a guest’s experience. They have supplied thoughtful experiences that include a log burning stove, log burner, smart TV, underfloor heating and even a Sonos 1 smart speaker with Alexa personal assistant. This speaker has been specially modified for guests to ask property-related questions including “Where do I put my recycling?” to “Where is the best pub in the area?” Guests can even request songs to be played.

Occasionally, the huts have had guests check who are celebrating those special moments in life- honeymooners, special birthdays and surprises. This is something Lisa and Peter are always very excited to hear about as “We like to think that our property is special and it’s nice to know that people are choosing to spend those special moments here.” As a result, they are always happy to help accommodate these extra requirements upon request and have even been known to have put out a selection of cheeses, banners, balloons and flowers.

What is Lisa and Peter’s favourite part of the huts?

When discussing their faviourite parts of the huts, Lisa said “The big window at the bottom of the bed. No matter the season, you are able to snuggle up and look at the view with a cuppa.” While Peter’s is “Sitting with the door open, a cup of tea in my hand and maybe the fire going, just looking at the view.”

What is the key to Lisa and Peter’s success?

Lisa and Peter get such outstanding reviews because of the amount of care and attention to detail they put into each guest. They advised that “You can never do enough due diligence and can never think far enough ahead. You have to be as prepared as possible, using the boy Scout approach. This being said, it doesn’t matter how much you have thought ahead, you will always find out you have forgotten something. We have since found that if things do go wrong, the most important thing to remember is how you handle the situation. Unexpected things can and will happen which you are not prepared for. If you have done your best, given the situation guests will appreciate that “We signed with Helpful Holidays because of Kris and the rates were competitive. We felt we were in very safe hands with Kris. We have been doing very well and then, when Sykes came on-board, it took on a whole new dimension.”

What are the plans for the future?

Lisa and Peter have just recently finished installing electric car charging points for those with an electric car to use free of charge. They are also currently in the process of setting up beehives to make their own honey to offer guests.

Another idea that Lisa and Peter have is to install a small hut as a communal area for groups to sit and eat together or just to shelter from the rain. They are always thinking of the next steps to improve their properties, we’re excited to see what they plan next.