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Almost always, yes. Where facilities are shared we say so; otherwise, you will have sole use of the holiday home and facilities.

We summarise how a holiday home is laid out to give you a frank idea of what it’s like. All the holiday homes are sensibly equipped for the number they accommodate (see Inventory).We try to be as straightforward as possible. Our star ratings are a guide to our feelings about the overall quality of furnishing, decor and ambience.

Gardens and surroundings are included in our descriptions of the holiday homes. If we don’t mention a garden, there won’t be one. ‘Enclosed’ garden means there’s a barrier round the outside, but please note that doesn't mean we consider it safe for small children to play in unattended or to leave dogs or other animals in without them escaping.
We describe the nearest village or town to the holiday home, including information about shops, pubs and local amenities. If the description doesn’t mention something (like a shop or pub), assume there isn't one. The description of the holiday home will tell you how far it is from the nearest village or town.
If you find anything in a description you don’t understand, phone or email us and we’ll be pleased to help.

We star rate all holiday homes from 1 to 5. Here's a guide to our star ratings. The star rating is a guide to the quality and ambience of a holiday home in relation to others we let. For more information about a specific holiday home, call us and speak to one of our team who has visited recently.

Our Green Cottages label identifies holiday homes with features which help them make a minimal impact on the environment. Look out for the green tree symbol or use our search facility to find Green Cottages. If you're interested in the sustainability of your holiday home, please ask us for details.
Heating and electricity are nearly always included in the price. Bed linen always is. Towels are often included. At the few holiday homes where these things are charged for as an 'extra', it is indicated in the description. We'll also tell you about any ‘extras’ when you book. Where there's a woodburner or open fire and logs are available from the owner, there's almost always a small charge, even when the cost of other heating is included in the price. There may also be a charge for phone calls and internet access. Parking in public car parks is usually chargeable - please ask us for details.

Yes. Cot bedding is not provided though. Where towels are provided, you can expect one bath towel and one hand towel per person per week (or short break); please bring your own beach towels. Double beds are standard 4'6" width and single beds are standard 3' width, unless we state otherwise in the description.

Please don’t assume owners who don’t usually accept pets never allow dogs (guide dogs, for example) in their holiday homes, although do contact us before booking if this is important to you and we will be happy to check. Similarly, if anyone in your party suffers from allergies to feathers or other materials, please let us know when booking so that we can help you identify an appropriate holiday home.

We mention TVs and DVD, Blu-ray and video players if they're provided. If we say Sky it means Sky Sports and/or Sky Movies is available. Other packages may be available. If particular channels are important to you, please ask us for details.
Not all holiday homes have phones. We indicate in the description whether they're available and if they're for incoming or outgoing calls only. Calls you make may be payable. If a phone is important to you, please ask us for further details. Mobile coverage is too variable in the West Country for us to comment on. Check with your provider for an idea of what coverage is like or ask us and we'll do our best to find out.
If broadband is available at a holiday home it's mentioned in the description. Where broadband is shown as available, we’re unable to absolutely guarantee it will be available during your stay. If this facility is vitally important to you, please discuss details of the service with us before you book. There may be a charge for internet access.

Outdoor heated pools are available for use between Spring Bank Holiday and the second week in September, unless we say otherwise in the description of a holiday home. Indoor pools are available all year unless we say otherwise. Owners normally have ‘house rules’ about the use of swimming pools. All are reasonable, but check with us before you book if this is important to you.

No. Neither outdoor nor indoor pools are safety supervised and you and your party use them entirely at your own risk. Children, poor swimmers and non-swimmers must always be supervised in pool areas.
We are keen our holiday homes should be as accessible as is reasonably practicable for all customers. Customers with disabilities should note the two types of holiday home we particularly recommend: those suitable for wheelchair users and those suitable for people who find walking or steps difficult. If we indicate that a holiday home is ‘suitable for those who find walking difficult’ it means access from the car drop-off point to the door is short and fairly level (2 - 3 steps up or down at most), living room and kitchen are easily accessible and there's a bedroom and bath or shower-room fitted with grab rails and loo at entrance level. If we say a holiday home is ‘suitable for wheelchair users’, it means the facilities have been specifically designed with wheelchair users in mind. If there are people with disabilities in your party, please always discuss a holiday home's suitability with us, in detail, before booking.

If dogs are accepted it is indicated in the description of the holiday home. We need to know the type and how many pets you want to bring and we'll check that the holiday home owner is agreeable. Even if the first pet is free (they are chargeable at most holiday homes), there will be a charge for additional pets. Please ask us for details. Pets are not allowed on furniture or in bedrooms. House rules relating to pets are set out in our Terms of Business. Please always keep pets under control. Those that chase livestock risk being shot by farmers and even where we describe a garden as enclosed, it does not mean your dog cannot escape.

It’s a deposit that we take with every booking. We hold this deposit on behalf of the owner and will withhold repayment of it if they ask us to do so. Normally, we return the deposit to you a week after the end of your holiday. We retain the right to increase the Damages Deposit at our discretion.

Yes. However, we must know, in writing and in advance, the names of all guests, their ages and nationality and the dates they'll be staying in the holiday home. The overnight total mustn’t exceed the maximum number the holiday home is advertised as accommodating and owners may place restrictions on the number of ‘swaps’ they're happy to accommodate.
Contact details will be shown on your booking confirmation and on your directions to the holiday home. You should phone the designated contact a few days before you arrive to discuss arrival arrangements with them.
Before you go on holiday we'll send you detailed directions explaining how to get to your holiday home. We also provide the postcode if you prefer satellite navigation.
Holiday homes are generally available from 3pm on the first day of your holiday until 10am on your departure day. If a property has different ‘change-over’ times to these, we say so in the holiday home description.
Only at some holiday homes. We clearly indicate in the description those holiday homes which are ‘No smoking’. Where holiday homes do permit smokers, for safety reasons you must not smoke in bedrooms.
Yes, but the number of people the holiday home is advertised as accommodating is the maximum permitted to stay or use its facilities (swimming pool, for instance). That doesn’t mean you can’t invite a few friends for a meal. However, it does mean they can’t stay the night (only those named on your booking confirmation can do that), or camp nearby and come round every day and you can’t throw a party involving extra people without making special arrangements with the owner. We must always know who will be at the holiday home and when.

If you find anything wrong, tell the owner or the caretaker AT ONCE. They will be anxious to put it right AT ONCE. If they don't seem to be or you can’t get hold of them, then phone us AT ONCE (01647 433593). Outside normal office hours follow the instructions on our phone message. A member of staff is ‘on call’ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to deal with emergencies. If you have difficulties, please do not suffer in silence or resolve to write when you get home. Mention problems that are spoiling your holiday to owners, caretakers or us and we'll be very keen to take action.

Food shopping: Many supermarkets provide delivery services to even quite rural areas which can be handy. Please also support local shops and, if possible, buy locally produced food. The West Country is famous for delicious food and drink.

Walking and footpaths: many beautiful places in the West Country are not accessible by car but are via footpaths, so bring a pair of walking boots or your wellies. If you want to walk to the pub, remember to bring a torch.

Roads: away from the main ones, West Country roads are often narrow. So are village streets. Take care and be prepared and willing to reverse to a passing place if your car is the nearest to one. When judging how long it will take to get somewhere, bear in mind a mile on a country lane can take 10 minutes (or more). Country roads are rarely lit by artificial light, frequently have high banks and can be muddy after wet weather and impassable after snow.

Country sounds: the countryside is seldom silent: cows moo, cockerels crow, rooks caw, owls screech, blackbirds sing, so maybe bring earplugs if you like.

Farms or estates: many farmer owners welcome you on their land, securing gates and keeping pets under control. On some farms where we say ‘you are welcome’ there may be a chance to help (orphan lamb feeding, egg collecting, for example). On the very few farms where we say you can ‘help’, the farmer will always try to find something for you to do, but bear in mind that sometimes there might be nothing (congenial anyway) with which you can help. Most farmer-owners will be delighted to show you their animals (if there are any), but please never expect the farmer to look after unaccompanied children. On farms and estates which we say you are welcome to wander, there may be areas which are impractical to roam at certain times of the year (due to crops or animals grazing, for instance).

Old houses/cottages: among the joys of living in one of these is that they're closer to nature than modern houses. That means spiders, daddy-long-legs and other non-harmful insects like living in them and although owners fiercely evict them on ‘change-over’ days, they may return. It also means that if the weather is very wet or humid and the heating hasn't been on (as in summer), slight signs of damp may appear - not serious or dangerous, but maybe babies and elderly people should avoid these holiday homes. Putting the heating on and leaving a few windows open to avoid condensation should quickly cure the problem. Owners will always help.

We think that covers all the general things, but if you have any other questions please ask us and we will help.

Yes. If you forget, we'll contact you.

Some basic consumable items are likely to be there when you arrive. If you wish to avoid duplication, check with the owner (or caretaker) what's provided. Tea, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, dishwasher tabs, washing up liquid, cleaning materials and loo roll are all likely to be present. There may be other non-perishable items like a few herbs and spices.
Yes, please. Owners or caretakers clean between lets, but PLEASE leave your holiday home clean, otherwise the owner or caretaker may struggle to have it thoroughly clean for the next guests.
If you can't get away for a full week, you'll be pleased to hear that from October through to the week before Easter, excluding school holidays, many cottages accept 2, 3 and 4 night bookings. We'll also take 2, 3 and 4 night breaks at short notice throughout the year. We always check with the cottage owner before confirming a short break. Prices for short breaks are 5/7ths of the normal weekly rental for 2 or 3 nights and 6/7ths for 4 nights. Even when the normal 'change-over' day for a property is Saturday, you can usually start your short break on Friday. Just ask us to check for you.